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Ep. 15 - Bringing Crypto to the Masses with Aaron Malone (Crypto101)

In our fifteenth episode, Aaron Malone discusses building a following of tens of thousands of everyday users, simplifying crypto for all, and why community is the most fundamental valuation mechanism for crypto.

Ep. 14 - Crypto Dark Pools with Danny Kim (SFOX)

In our fourteenth episode, Danny Kim discusses the launch of SFOX's dark pool, order routing, liquidity, and the institutionalization of digital assets.

Ep. 13 - Valuing a Community with Lou Kerner

In our thirteenth episode, Lou Kerner discusses the rise of stablecoins, his attempt to purchase Facebook in 2004, the value of communities, and crypto fundamentals.

Ep. 12 - Crypto Derivatives with Pankaj Balani (Delta Exchange)

In our twelfth episode, Pankaj Balani discusses reference pricing, derivatives, altcoins, and why crypto community matters.

Ep. 11 - Beating a Bitcoin Benchmark with Chris Matta

In our eleventh episode, Chris Matta discusses his transition from Goldman Sachs to crypto, the challenges with launching a digital asset hedge fund, why a Bitcoin-plus strategy is so appealing to investors, and why funds often underperform BTC.

Ep. 10 - Tri-Party Repo with Paul Sacks (Digital Gamma)

In our tenth episode, Paul Sacks discusses the applications of TPR in crypto, rehypothecation, credit risk, and DeFi Mania.

Ep. 9 - Data Driven Trading with Avaneesh Acquilla

In our ninth episode, Avaneesh Acquilla discusses starting the first regulated fund in Hong Kong, event-driven crypto trading, and what it means to be a CIO in crypto.

Ep. 8 - Liquidity with Sacha Ghebali of Kaiko

In our eighth episode, Sacha Ghebali discusses the state of cryptocurrency liquidity, fake trading volume, his journey from aerospace engineering to crypto data, Uniswap, DeFi, and so much more.

Ep. 7 - An Economists Take on Bitcoin with Philip Gradwell (Chainalysis)

In our seventh episode, Philip Gradwell discusses how Chainalysis helped the US government arrest the Twitter hacker, how blockchain analytics explains the economics of Bitcoin, and how data can help us understand both the supply and demand side of cryptocurrency.

Ep. 6 - The State of Crypto Hedge Funds with James Zhang (Black Panther Capital)

In our sixth episode, James Zhang discusses growing up in the Congo, starting a crypto fund of funds, conducting due diligence on hedge funds, the Chinese crypto market, and forming one of the premiere family office investing networks around the globe.

Ep. 5 - The Science of Crypto Markets with Quantfiction & BitDealer (Markets Science)

In our fifth episode, Quantfiction & BitDealer of Markets Science discuss the importance of taking a data-driven approach to crypto trading, the lack of objectivity in digital assets, why the CME gap isn't as advertised, and why they believe technical analysis sucks.

Ep. 4 - Tokenization, Listings, and Trading Trends with Yoni Assia (eToro)

In our fourth episode, Yoni Assia discusses the tokenization of everything, how eToro decides which cryptocurrencies to list, crypto vs. equity trading on eToro, and the power of social trading.

Ep. 3 - Investor Relations & DeFi Mania with Evan Feng (Tapestry Capital)

In our third episode, Evan Feng discusses his transition from Citadel & Point72 to crypto, the craziness of DeFi, YAM, and LINK, why crypto needs better investor relations, and how his fund makes informed investment decisions.

Ep. 2 - Token Economics & Discovery with Kevin Kelly (Delphi Digital)

Kevin Kelly discusses his transition from Bloomberg to crypto, the research techniques his firm has brought from traditional finance, how he thinks about token economics, how Delphi identifies new tokens to cover, and what makes Delphi's token research unique.

Ep. 1 - Cryptocurrency Due Diligence with Katie Talati (Arca)

In our first ever episode, Katie Talati discusses how she due diligences token projects, the research techniques her team has brought over from traditional finance, how Arca identifies new assets for trading, and how she defines fundamentals for crypto.

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