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Ep. 47 Institutional Crypto Trading with Laura Vidiella (Paradigm)

Laura Vidiella (VP of Institutional Sales at Paradigm) joins The TIE's Fundamental Value podcast to discuss institutional crypto trading, the current regulatory landscape, and the outlook for digital assets.

Ep. 46 Why Ethereum Will Win with Anthony Sassano

Anthony Sassano joins The TIE's Fundamental Value Podcast to discuss why Ethereum is the superior layer 1, why scalability is a commodity, ETH as a deflationary asset, and ETH 2.0.

Ep. 45 Investing in a Multi Chain Crypto Future with Joe DeTommaso (CMS Holdings)

Joe DeTommaso (Research Analyst at CMS Holdings) joins The TIE's Fundamental Value Podcast to discuss the return of crypto retail, investing in a multi chain future, and identifying winners in an asset class that moves at warp speed.

Ep. 44 The Gamification of Derivatives Trading with Rob Levy (Co-Founder at Hxro)

Rob Levy (Co-Founder and President at Hxro) joins The TIE's Fundamental Value Podcast to discuss the Dogecoin supply shortage, the rise of Solana, parimutuel betting, and how Hxro is gamifying crypto options trading for the masses.

Ep. 43 The Grayscale Investment Thesis with Phil Bonello (Director of Research)

Phil Bonello (Head of Research at Grayscale Investments) joins The TIE's Fundamental Value Podcast to discuss valuing Bitcoin and Ethereum, why EIP 1559 is scary for institutions, and why FDV does not matter.

Ep. 42 Into the Metaverse with Marc Weinstein (Mechanism Capital)

Marc Weinstein (Head of Platform at Mechanism Capital) joins The TIE's Fundamental Value Podcast to discuss why he thinks the metaverse is such a vast investment opportunity, identifying the next big early stage crypto project, maintaining conviction through volatility, and sizing positions.

Ep. 41 The Fee-less and Infinitely Upgradeable Blockchain Ready to Take Crypto by Storm

Andrew Levine (CEO of Koinos Group) joins The TIE's Fundamental Value Podcast to discuss the limitations of smart-contract platforms today, the Justin Sun - Steem debacle, and why the Koinos team is so wholeheartedly convinced that a fee-less, modular upgradable, and multi-lingual blockchain is needed.

Ep. 40 Deep Dive into DeFi with Hassan Bassiri (Arca)

Hassan Bassiri (VP Portfolio Management at Arca) joins The TIE's Fundamental Value Podcast to discuss Binance Smart Chain, Solana, AVAX, and the heating up L1 race, trading DeFi at scale, and managing risk in a bull market.

Ep. 39 The Rise of Crypto Derivatives and DeFi with Shane Ai (Bybit)

Shane Ai (Product R&D at Bybit) joins The TIE's Fundamental Value Podcast to chat about the rise of crypto derivatives, heating up competition around layer 1s, how we can use derivative data to make smarter decisions, and the massive growth of DeFi.

Ep. 38 How a Crypto Fund Made $1M a Day Selling Bitcoin in South Korea

For the first time Alex Friedberg and JJ Petersen (Co-Founders at BXB Capital) share the crazy story about how they managed to make more than $1M a day in 2017 on the "Kimchi" premium.

Ep. 37 Trading a Crypto Bull Market with Avi Felman (BlockTower Capital)

Avi Felman (Head of Trading at BlockTower Capital) joins The TIE's Fundamental Value Podcast to discuss trading crypto bull markets, valuing digital assets, institutional interest, and the rise of DeFi.

Ep 36. Early Stage Crypto Investing with Wen Loong Lau (Tembusu Partners)

Wen Loong Lau (Associate Director of Tembusu Partners) joins The TIE's Fundamental Value Podcast to discuss early stage investing, crypto in Asia, and retail vs. institutional crypto growth.

Ep. 35 Systematic Crypto Arb Trading at Scale with Mitchell Dong (Pythagoras)

Mitchell Dong (CEO of Pythagoras Investments) joins The TIE's Fundamental Value Podcast to discuss building scalable systematic arbitrage strategies for crypto, the on-going inefficiencies of crypto derivatives markets, philanthropy, and running one of the largest quantitative funds in digital assets.

Ep. 34 Inflation as a Part of Life: Why Venezuela Needs Crypto with Mauricio Di Bartolomeo (Ledn)

Mauricio Di Bartolomeo (Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Ledn) joins The TIE's Fundamental Value Podcast to discuss crypto mining, why the USDC airdrop is so important to the people of Venezuela, building lending products for all, and the Latin American crypto market.

Ep. 33 Market Making for Digital Assets with Anton Golub (flovtec)

Anton Golub (CEO of flovtec) joins The TIE's podcast to chat STOs, colored coins, liquidity, making markets, and why the lightning network will never work. Anton is a crypto OG, and this episode is a can't miss.

Ep. 32 Betting $100M+ on North American Crypto Mining with Mike Colyer (DCG Foundry)

In our thirty-second episode Mike Colyer (CEO of DCG Foundry) discusses Digital Currency Group's $100M+ investment in North American cryptocurrency mining, providing financing to miners, miners (shrinking) influence over price, why producing new equipment is so difficult, and more.

Ep. 31 Investing in Crypto Funds with Matthew Edwards (Dalpha Capital)

In our thirty-first episode Matthew Edwards (CEO and CIO at Dalpha Capital) discusses conducting due diligence on and investing in crypto funds, the traits he looks for in fund managers, how he handles funds with small track records, and benchmarking performance.

Ep. 30 Crypto Compliance and Growth with Chen Arad (Solidus Labs)

In our thirtieth episode Chen Arad (COO at Solidus Labs) discusses shared-surveillance as a fundamental infrastructure necessity for regulated crypto growth.

Ep. 29 Attracting Institutions with Chris Thomas (Swissquote Bank)

In our twenty-ninth episode Chris Thomas (Head of Digital Assets at Swissquote Bank) discusses custody, interest-bearing products, and attracting institutional capital to the cryptocurrency space.

Ep. 28 Research Driven Crypto Investing with Thomas Klocanas (White Star Capital)

In our twenty-eighth episode Thomas Klocanas (Principal at White Star Capital) discusses research-driven crypto investing, digital collectibles, and evaluating early stage token deals.

Ep. 27 Uncle Sam is Coming with Dan Hannum (ZenLedger & Hannum Capital Management)

In our twenty-seventh episode Dan Hannum (COO of ZenLedger & Founder of Hannum Capital Management) discusses crypto taxes, raising capital from Larry King, and investing in picks and shovels businesses.

Ep. 26 Exchange Differentiation with Thor Chan (AAX)

In our twenty-sixth episode Thor Chan (CEO of AAX) discusses cryptocurrency exchange differentiation, leveraging LSEG's matching engine for crypto, and attracting liquidity from both retail and institutional customers.

Ep. 25 One Year Down the Rabbit Hole with Samantha Bohbot (DCG)

In our twenty-fifth episode Samantha Bohbot discusses DCGs state of crypto report and her experience one year down the crypto rabbit hole.

Ep. 24 Crypto Market Structure with Aya Kantorovich (FalconX)

In our twenty-fourth episode Aya Kantorovich discusses cryptocurrency market structure, institutional trading, growing the TAM, and crypto fundamentals.

Ep. 23 Bringing Crypto Mainstream with Joel Edgerton (bitFlyer)

In our twenty-third episode, Joel Edgerton discusses how we make cryptocurrency attractive to billions of potential users across the world, listing new assets, and global cryptocurrency regulation.

Ep. 22 Trading Size & Generating Alpha with John Peurifoy (Floating Point Group)

In our twenty-second episode, John Peurifoy discusses how FPG helps institutions trade at scale with limited slippage, liquidity, and token valuation.

Ep. 21 Digital Asset Research with John Todaro (TradeBlock)

In our twenty-first episode, John Todaro discusses how he conducts token due diligence, the research techniques he brought over from traditional finance, and building crypto indices.

Ep. 20 Crypto-first Banking with Thibaut Sahaghian (Multis)

In our twentieth episode, Thibaut Sahaghian discusses the challenges of the traditional financial banking system and Neobanks, how stablecoins offer a bridge for enterprise cryptocurrency adoption, and the challenges of bad UX in crypto.

Ep. 19 The Revenge of Crypto Regulators with Jorge Pesok (Crowell & Moring)

Jorge Pesok of Crowell & Moring joins The TIE's Fundamental Value Podcast for our first ever video interview. Jorge dives deep into all of the SEC, DOJ, and CFTC rulings rocking the cryptocurrency industry. Jorge discusses BitMEX, SALT Lending, and Kik, and the implications of each on the crypto industry more broadly.

Ep. 18 Identifying the Next Big Altcoin with Mitchell Moos (Crypto Briefing)

In our eighteenth episode, Mitchell Moos discusses running a crypto media business, how his team parses through hundreds of altcoins to identify the next big thing, and how he values digital assets.

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